Our Team

Bharath Venkatachari

Founder and CEO

Skilled in innovation, technology and business, Bharath is a business leader. He can nurture and develop value-creating ideas and drive strategic change across the organization. He has an aptitude for re-engineering end-to-end processes to improve operational performance. He is committed to achieving exceptional enterprise delivery, driving service excellence, aligning commercial and operational objectives and optimizing revenue.

Experienced in setting up a world-class AI/ML practice for solving specific use cases in the FinTech space, Bharath has built world-class teams in engineering and delivery for product development and product implementation across North America, Europe, Canada and India. As COO and India Center Head for Insurance Products Development, he has led the digital transformation effort for one of the largest insurers globally and initiatives to increase revenue by more than 400%.

Bharath has introduced technology innovations in ML, AI, MLOps, DevOps, Cloud Adoption, Agile practices and Test Automation. He has managed multi-million dollars finance, administration, onsite and offshore operations. He has done MS in Computer Science from Boston University.

: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bharath-venkatachari-b084551/

Mitesh Majithia


Chairman of the Board at PaySwiff and Charter member of TiE, Mitesh has more than twenty years of IT and business experience leading organizations through maturity, processes and people aspects. He is passionate about software start-ups, has invested in a few, and has even mentored a few in the US and India.

Mitesh is a member of the steering and screening committee of Harvard Business School Angels, NY chapter, focusing on software technology business. He has done OPM at Harvard Business School.

: https://www.linkedin.com/in/miteshmajithia/

Giridhar Yalamanchili

Chief Data Officer – CDO

Giridhar has extensive experience in building enterprise scaled solutions and products. Highly skilled in product engineering, solution architecture and the insurance domain, he has built insurance products in underwriting, distribution and claims. He is experienced in building platforms and frameworks for rapid application development and deployments.

At Bluevision, he builds Data Models and solutions based on computer vision and NLP using deep learning algorithms. He leads the team that engineers the DeepFusion platform.

Giridhar is a post-graduate in Computer Science from BITS, Pilani.

: https://www.linkedin.com/in/giridhar-yalamanchil-8205041/

Kishore Yalamanchili


Kishore is COO and Head of Operations at Bluevision. He has more than thirty years of rich product development and implementation experience including presales, consulting, implementation, engineering and client support globally. He has served as Senior Vice President and Head of Research and Development and Quality Assurance at Intellect SEEC, and as Head of Global Delivery – Products and Services at Polaris.

Kishore has held various leadership positions in product design and development globally. He has been instrumental in the setup of off-shore product development teams where he has guided software engineering practices and quality assurance. As a Senior Manager at ERA Software Systems, he was involved in product and application development including document management, medical imaging and defense applications.

Kishore is a post-graduate in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kishore-yalamanchili/

Murali Krishna Aradhyula

Senior Technical Architect

Murali is a highly motivated professional with more than eleven years of experience as a Senior Technical Architect primarily in Cloud Native, Web, Mobile and AI/ML – Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning solutions. He has extensive experience in Architectural Design, gathering business requirements, R&D, Proof of Concepts, Agile Development Model and Technology evaluation.

An expert in design, development and maintenance of commercial products and projects, Murali has gained vast experience in AI & ML technologies like scikit-learn, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, Deep Learning, spaCy, Tesseract, OpenCV, NLTK, Named Entity Recognition (NER), NumPy, Pandas and Python. He is also skilled in design models like Domain Driven Design (DDD), Micro Services, Polyglot, and 2-Factor Applications.

Murali is a post-graduate in computer applications from Periyar University.

: https://www.linkedin.com/in/murali-krishna-aradhyula-a383522a/