Use Cases

The DeepFusion use cases are as diverse as the businesses that use them, spanning insurance, banking, logistics and HR. What they share in common is the need to gather vast amounts of data from many different documents and images, then combine them into a single, consistent and up-to-date file.

DeepFusion extracts data from documents, images and videos and automatically feeds the data required for upstream and downstream systems. Here are some use cases our Framework delivers across various verticals.

Automating Claims Processing by FNOL Email Processing

The customer informs FNOL through Email and Framework.

The framework processes the email through AI/NLP algorithms, identifies key words, gets all policy information and matches it with the Integrated Core System.
This automatically triggers Claim Case in the system, Auto Acknowledgement/Response to Client and initiates Claim Investigation.

The customer gets a link in his claim acknowledgement email and uploads images of loss areas.
The framework, through AI and ML, processes the images, maps with the repository and estimates the loss. Claim Assessor evaluates, makes minor modifications and validates recommendation.

It then advises Finance to pay the claim. Once the claim is paid, it closes the Claim Case.

Automating Data Entry By Processing ACORD Forms, Excel Sheets and Documents

Assessing The Vehicle And Property Damages For Accurate Claim Processing